There are billions of people living today, and not all of them are fortunate enough to be living like it’s heaven on Earth. There are those who suffer from depression, cancers, incurable diseases, addiction, and many more problems. There are also these problems in the community like poverty, starvation, loss of shelter due to natural phenomena, endangerment of animals, terrorism, and lack of educational services and opportunities for children.

The world faces these problems every day, and some just continue to worsen every year. Luckily, there are charitable organizations who aim to help.

donationJust imagine how hard it is to be one of the less fortunate – those who suffer from life-threatening diseases, addiction, disabilities, abuse, and much more. Imagine the world they’re in from the times of hopelessness and misery to those of helplessness.

Just the effort of charities to help gives these people hope. The assistance that these non-profit organizations have given to projects aiming to assist individuals in need have made great changes and contributions to the lives of these people.

There have been a lot of successful charities that were able to carry out their purposes well. With millions of dollars’ worth of donations, they were able to contribute to the betterment of the world. But for some, even for the good cause for which they exist, they aren’t safe from financial problems which can stop them from doing the good they’re there to do. It’s likely that charities can meet the risks and problems they face financially, with effective financial management.

However, for small charities, it may be a problem if they don’t have employees who are experts in the field. Some other charities are just not lucky enough to gain the support they need from people.

Charities are non-profit organizations whose operations are fueled by donations, which means that shortages in funds can stop their activities and delay the accomplishment of their goals. The worst-case scenario is running out of funds, or having no funds at all to deliver their genuine intention to help.

If only there are more kind-hearted people who are willing to give what they can, then charities will only have to worry about lesser financial problems. Are you fortunate enough to have some extra bucks in your pockets and want to give? Just help the charities out.

Donating to these charities not only helps other people, but gives you a feeling of true happiness inside – something worth more than what you have given. Choosing a charity to support and help is a step closer to a richer well-being and spirit.

According to a study made by a professor at Harvard Business School, Michael Norton, those who spent their money on others were happier than those who spent their money only for themselves. This was a study conducted in December of 2014, wherein Norton questioned 632 Americans about their income and asked them to give their happiness their own rating.

Truly, giving is a source of true happiness. It’s the key to a richer spirit. Giving to such organizations will not only help others but yourself, too.